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Significant Proposed Changes to Tax Planning Using Private Corporations

Canada - July 19 2017 On July 18, 2017, the federal Department of Finance (“Finance”) announced plans to eliminate a variety of tax planning opportunities involving the…

John Agioritis

Proposed Amendments to the Voluntary Disclosure Program

Canada - July 12 2017 On June 9, 2017, Canada Revenue Agency ("CRA") released draft Information Circular IC00-1R6 concerning proposed amendments to the Voluntary…

Lesley Akst

Business Succession: 5 Strategies for Buy/Sell Agreements

Canada - June 16 2017 It is vital for shareholders of small corporations to plan in advance what will happen to their shares in the event of an unexpected death. Often…

Garnet Matsuba

Risks and Complications of Joint Tenancies in Estate Planning

Canada - January 31 2017 Joint tenancies are popular mechanisms used by testators to reduce the probate fees on their estates and simplify the overall estate administration…

John Agioritis

The Supreme Court on Tax Rectification: Fairmont and Jean Coutu Group

Canada - January 9 2017 On December 9, 2016, the Supreme Court of Canada released two landmark decisions which provided much-needed clarification on the doctrine of…

Nicholas Horlick