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Controversial Bill C-69 Passed Into Law

Canada - July 26 2019 The controversial Bill C-69 was passed into law on June 21, 2019, and published in the Canada Gazette on July 6, 2019. This represents a significant…

Rangi Jeerakathil

Government of Saskatchewan Announces Updates to Greenhouse Gas Offset Program

Canada - September 2 2020 On August 28, 2020, the Government of Saskatchewan announced a delay in the implementation of its greenhouse gas offset program to 2022. Background…

Chad Eggerman

Court Awards Over $3 Million in Damages Against Saskatchewan Broiler Hatching Egg Producers’ Marketing Board

Canada - June 26 2020 In Pedigree Poultry Ltd. v. Saskatchewan Broiler Hatching Egg Producers’ Marketing Board, 2020 SKQB 100 (“Pedigree Poultry”), the Saskatchewan Court…

Rangi Jeerakathil, Aaron Vogel

Saskatchewan Government Provides Workplace Social Distancing Guidelines

Canada - April 20 2020 In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the provincial government has issued several public health orders that have significantly restricted business…

John Agioritis, Tom Richards

New Details Released Regarding Federal Pollution Pricing Regime

Canada - July 10 2019 On June 28, 2019, Environment and Climate Change Canada released the Output-Based Pricing System Regulations - a key piece of the federal…

Rangi Jeerakathil