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A Striking Lack of Expertise: Stout v Bayer Inc.

Canada - December 11 2017 The Saskatchewan Court of Queen's Bench has reaffirmed that judges play an important gatekeeper role in ensuring that only properly qualified experts…

Jason Mohrbutter

Top Court Reinstates Personal Costs Award Against Defence Lawyer

Canada - July 10 2017 In the recent case of Quebec (Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions) v Jodoin, 2017 SCC 26 [Jodoin], the Supreme Court of Canada held that…

Michael Tochor

You’ve been served! Or have you? The Importance of Proper Service in Class Action Proceedings

Canada - March 17 2017 This seemingly mundane question has assumed considerable importance because some plaintiffs’ firms have employed the tactic of attempting...

Robert Leurer

It’s plain and obvious - Saskatchewan is no longer authentic and genuine!

Canada - November 30 2016 Well, it’s finally official. In the very recent case of Pederson v Saskatchewan, 2016 SKCA 142, the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal changed course to…

Robert Leurer

Justice Delayed is Proceedings Stayed - The Supreme Court of Canada’s New Framework for Assessing Unreasonable Delay

Canada - July 12 2016 A new landmark decision of the Supreme Court of Canada has changed the way courts will be assessing the reasonableness of delay in criminal…

Michael Tochor