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Ruling by the Turkish Revenue Administration on whether a manager of a sole shareholder limited liability company can be entitled to a fee

Turkey - December 19 2013 Since the new Turkish Commercial Code has entered into force on July 01, 2012, limited liability companies can now be incorporated with a sole…

Kerem Ersoy

The Central Registry Agency has announced that it will start to provide services regarding the mandatory company websites

Turkey - October 30 2013 The Central Registry Agency Inc. ("CRA") has recently issued a letter ("General Letter") on September 25, 2013 regarding support services to be…

Kerem Ersoy

Land registry records in Turkey will henceforth be kept under an electronic environment

Turkey - October 9 2013 The new Land Registry Communiqué ("Communiqué") has been issued by virtue of the Resolution of the Council of Ministers dated July 22…

Kerem Ersoy

When is an expert report not necessary if receivables are contributed to company’s capital?

Turkey - October 9 2013 The capital of a company can be paid in two ways, first by cash injection and second, by contribution in kind, that is any contribution which is…

Kerem Ersoy

New communique on security investment companies

Turkey - October 3 2013 The Communique on Principles Regarding Security Investment Companies ("Communiqué") has been published in the Official Gazette dated…

Kerem Ersoy