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IRS Issues Safe Harbor Regarding Deductibility of Certain Eligible Expenses Paid or Incurred in 2020 by Taxpayers that Received First Draw PPP Loans

USA - April 26 2021 If you filed your 2020 tax return prior to December 27, 2020 when the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021 (the “CAA”) was enacted and therefore…

Joshua E. French, Christopher S. McLoon, Melissa Sampson McMorrow

United States Treasury Department and Massachusetts Department of Revenue Both Announce Extension of April 15 Filing Deadlines

USA - March 22 2021 On March 17, 2021, the Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) announced that the deadline for both filing Federal individual income tax returns and making…

Christopher S. McLoon, Melissa Sampson McMorrow, Michael E. Mooney, Erin Whitney

Treasury Provides Guidance on Employee Social Security Tax Deferral

USA - September 8 2020 On August 8, 2020, President Trump issued an executive action directing the Secretary of the Treasury to use the Secretary’s authority under Section…

Melissa Sampson McMorrow, Michael E. Mooney

IRS Provides More Good News with Respect to Retirement Plan Required Minimum Distributions

USA - July 14 2020 The Internal Revenue Service released Notice 2020-51, Guidance on Waiver of 2020 Required Minimum Distributions, pertaining to the waiver of 2020…

Natalie B. Choate

IRS Issues Additional Administrative Relief With Respect to Certain Deadlines

USA - June 1 2020 On May 28, 2020, the Internal Revenue Service released Notice 2020-35, providing additional administrative relief with respect to certain employment…

Melissa Sampson McMorrow