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PerkinElmer Health Sciences, Inc. v. Agilent Technologies, Inc.,

USA - July 3 2013 PerkinElmer Health Sciences, Inc. (“PerkinElmer”) brought suit against Agilent Technologies, Inc. (“Agilent), alleging that Agilent breached a…

Ronald E. Cahill

Por-Shun, Inc. v. Bruce Jenks d/b/a Maple Valley Creamery,

USA - July 3 2013 Plaintiff Por-Shun, Inc. (“Por-Shun”) filed a two-count complaint in this Court against Defendant Bruce Jenks d/b/a Maple Valley Creamery (“Jenks”)…

Ronald E. Cahill

Abbott GmbH & Co., KG v. Centocor Ortho Biotech, Inc.,

USA - July 3 2013 Following an eleven day trial in the Fall of 2012, Plaintiffs AbbVie Deutschland GmbH & Co., AbbVie Biosearch Center, Inc., and AbbVie Biotechnology…

Ronald E. Cahill

Court grants summary judgment of non-infringement in K-cup patent suit

USA - October 8 2013 Plaintiff Keurig, Inc. ("Keurig") filed suit contending that the coffee cartridges of Defendant JBR, Inc. ("JBR") infringed upon Keurig's three…

Ronald E. Cahill, Heather B. Repicky

Judge Woodlock grants summary judgment in favor of patentee on inventorship issues

USA - February 15 2013 The District Court (Woodlock, D.J.) granted summary judgment confirming the patent-in-suit was not invalid for failure to name a co-inventor and also…

Ronald E. Cahill