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Ohio passes new law providing safe harbor to businesses suffering a data breach and amends Ohio law to allow records and contracts secured by blockchain technology

USA - September 7 2018 Implementing a Cybersecurity Framework may begin to pay off for companies doing business in Ohio. As anyone following data privacy litigation knows…

UPDATE: All fifty states now have data breach statutes

USA - May 3 2018 On July 1, 2018, all fifty states will have active data breach statutes that govern the notification process for companies that experience a data loss…

Still need a data breach response plan? The FTC offers a guide to help.

USA - November 7 2016 If you have not yet developed a data breach response plan, the FTC has stepped in to help. The FTC has prepared a guide, a short video and a…

Federal judge refuses to grant class certification concerning fraud claims, but certifies class of warranty claims in flushable wipes litigation

USA - October 3 2016 The Northern District of Ohio in Meta, et al. V. Target, et al. No. 4:14-CV-832, denied class certification for a class of consumers who brought a…

Joyce D. Edelman, Caroline H. Gentry, Tracey L. Turnbull

Part three: Privacy Matters

USA - August 9 2016 Concluding our privacy matters series, Ryan Graham discusses recent class actions and gives an industry update. Click here to hear the podcast.

Jay Levine