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Investment opportunity: TALF loans and PPIP Federal Reserve/Treasury offers favorable loans to buy asset-backed securities

USA - April 6 2009 Recent programs implemented by the Federal Reserve and the Department of Treasury may offer significant investment opportunities for hedge funds, private equity funds, pension plans, insurance companies, other long-term investors, and individual investors.

Jack Gravelle, Grant Stephenson

Potential lender liability for environmentally hazardous collateral

USA - November 15 2010 A recent Ohio appellate court decision could have lasting implications for lenders that take possession of potentially hazardous collateral upon the borrower's default.

James Botti

Ohio Supreme Court to address issues arising in Schwartzwald’s wake

USA - April 25 2014 As all professionals whose business involves the prosecution of foreclosures in Ohio almost certainly know by now, the Ohio Supreme Court's decision…

New disclosure requirements for private student loans

USA - September 11 2009 The Higher Education Opportunity Act ("HEOA"), signed into law on August 14, 2008, regulates private education loans and the relationships between postsecondary education institutions and private education lenders.