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Federal judge refuses to grant class certification concerning fraud claims, but certifies class of warranty claims in flushable wipes litigation

USA - October 3 2016 The Northern District of Ohio in Meta, et al. V. Target, et al. No. 4:14-CV-832, denied class certification for a class of consumers who brought a…

Caroline H. Gentry, Ryan L. Graham, Tracey L. Turnbull

U.S. Supreme Court: companies cannot moot class action litigation through generous settlement offers to individual plaintiffs

USA - January 26 2016 The Supreme Court struck a blow to companies attempting to avoid costly class action lawsuits in a recent decision holding that a defendant cannot…

Caroline H. Gentry, Ryan L. Graham, Elizabeth L. Moyo, Tracey L. Turnbull

Can a class be certified if some members have no injury?

USA - November 30 2015 When a plaintiff seeks to bring a class action on behalf of “all purchasers” of a product or device, the court typically faces a conundrum: Can it…

Caroline H. Gentry, Terrance M. Miller

Setback for plaintiff in class action suit against Tito’s Vodka

USA - November 30 2015 Manufacturers of consumer products have reason to toast following last month's decision by a federal judge in Cincinnati cutting off a consumer class…

Caroline H. Gentry, Terrance M. Miller, Carolyn A. Taggar, Tracey L. Turnbull

Ohio federal court holds generic drug manufacturer not liable for inadequate warnings where plaintiff’s physicians did not read and rely on warnings

USA - November 17 2015 In the case Fulgenzi v. PLIVA, Inc., 2015 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 144283 (N.D. Ohio Oct. 23, 2015), the United States District Court for the Northern…

Jason T. Gerken, Terrance M. Miller