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2014 year in review: significant product liability cases from Ohio federal and state courts

USA - January 29 2015 In 2014, we prepared law alerts about several decisions from state and federal courts in Ohio that opined on issues important to product…

Jason T. Gerken, Terrance M. Miller

Significant decisions from 2010 affecting consumer litigation

USA - December 8 2010 In 2010, the Ohio Supreme Court has dealt with a variety of issues affecting our corporate clients that are subject to lawsuits brought by consumers.

C. Darcy Copeland, Joyce D. Edelman, Terrance M. Miller

A reminder that Ohio’s Product Liability Act does not shield manufacturers or suppliers from certain common law defect claims

USA - November 4 2013 In Huffman v. Electrolux, the United States District Court for the Northern District of Ohio identified continued ambiguities in Ohio’s Product…

Jason T. Gerken

U.S. Supreme Court: companies cannot moot class action litigation through generous settlement offers to individual plaintiffs

USA - January 26 2016 The Supreme Court struck a blow to companies attempting to avoid costly class action lawsuits in a recent decision holding that a defendant cannot…

Joyce D. Edelman, Caroline H. Gentry, Ryan L. Graham, Tracey L. Turnbull

Ohio Court of Appeals reaffirms component parts doctrine

USA - December 1 2014 The component parts doctrine is an important affirmative defense available to an original equipment manufacturer that finds itself a defendant in a…

Jason T. Gerken, Terrance M. Miller