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Commercial Loans: Equity Cure Provisions

USA - November 4 2019 In loan agreements, lenders customarily require the borrower to make various financial covenants whereby the borrower promises to achieve…

Jack Meadows

Proposed Limitations On The Use Of Cognovit Notes

USA - February 8 2016 The Ohio General Assembly is currently considering a bill that would greatly restrict creditors’ ability to ask debtors to sign cognovit notes. A…

Steven Hoying

Planning for leasehold financing

USA - February 18 2014 Commercial leases often lack leasehold financing provisions despite the significant impact such provisions can have on the business dealings of the…

Lending issues to consider with respect to the Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act of 1930

USA - November 7 2013 Secured lenders extending financial accommodations to borrowers whose collateral includes perishable food items should consider certain specific…

Why you should care about FATCA

USA - March 8 2011 The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) [Sections 1471-1474 of the Internal Revenue Code] was enacted to prevent U.S. taxpayers from evading U.S. tax obligations by parking funds in foreign accounts or with foreign investors.