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Jurisdictional Challenge against Arbitration Agreement under Chinese Law (III) —— Problems arising from Principal and Accessory Contracts

China - December 18 2017 Compared to other commercial dispute resolution mechanisms (e.g. Litigation and mediation), arbitration has a lot of advantages, such as the award is…

Jiong (John) Liu, Minli Tang

Workplace Sexual Harassment and Tips for Employers in Mainland China

China - August 17 2017 Workplace sexual harassment is no longer a new phenomenon to employees and employers. Very likely, employers get involved in chaos. From an employer's…

Jiong (John) Liu, Minli Tang


China - August 15 2017 职场性骚扰对于员工及企业来说不再陌生,如何有效防治职场性骚扰已经成为企业不可小觑的问题。本文将结合法律及相关司法判例,讨论判断职场性骚扰的法律标准,并结合笔者处理相关案件的经验,从企业的角度出发,提出企业针对职场性骚扰的应对措施。…

Jiong (John) Liu, Minli Tang