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国际商事仲裁视野下法院对仲裁条款效力审查标准 ---实质性审查与形式性审查之争

Australia, Canada, China, Global, Hong Kong, India, Singapore - May 15 2019 在国际商事仲裁实践中,围绕仲裁庭的管辖权问题,仲裁条款的效力往往成为“兵家必争之地”。针对该问题,目前国际上普遍承认“仲裁庭自裁管辖权原则(the principle of Kompetenz-Kompetenz)”。该原…

Jiong (John) Liu, Hang Zuo

Legislative Updates: The Favorable Policy Promulgated by the Chinese Government for Hong Kong Arbitration

China, Global, Hong Kong - April 19 2019 On the afternoon of April 2, the Supreme People's Court of the People’s Republic of China and the Department of Justice of the Hong Kong Special…

Jiong (John) Liu, Hang Zuo


China, Global, Hong Kong - April 3 2019 4月2日下午,最高人民法院和香港特别行政区政府律政司正式签署《关于内地与香港特别行政区法院就仲裁程序相互协助保全的安排…

Jiong (John) Liu

Case alert: Identification of Corporate Personality of Affiliated Companies in International Sales of Goods under Chinese Law

China, Global - March 29 2019 In international sales of goods, it's common that a group of afflicted companies may be involved in a series of transactions, involving an increasing…

Jiong (John) Liu

Case Alert: Application of Pre-dispute Arbitration/Litigation Clauses in Export Credit Insurance Contracts under Chinese Law

China - February 20 2019 The pre-dispute arbitration/litigation clauses are widely used as standard clauses in export credit insurance contracts in China, which stipulate…

Jiong (John) Liu, Weiwen Wang