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Silenced No More Laws - Employers Should Know What Not to Say

USA - September 9 2022 In the wake of the #MeToo movement, many West Coast states passed laws that encouraged employees to freely discuss workplace sexual harassment and…

Katheryn Bradley, Heather St.Clair

Washington Employers Will Be Obligated to Disclose Salary, Wage, and Benefits Information for All Job Postings

USA - April 21 2022 What the New Law Requires: Washington’s Equal Pay and Opportunities Act has been amended again, placing another disclosure and compliance obligation…

Katheryn Bradley, Beth G. Joffe

Court Orders and Challenges to OSHA ETS Mandating Vaccination and Testing: What Does This Mean for Employers?

USA - November 18 2021 Faced with multiple legal challenges and a blistering negative opinion from one Federal Court of Appeals, OSHA has announced it will "take no steps…

Katheryn Bradley, Paul M. Ostroff, Christine Thelen

Seattle and Washington continue to expand financial support for workers in response to the COVID-19 pandemic

USA - March 23 2020 Both the City of Seattle and the State of Washington have taken action to provide workers with greater financial resources amidst the COVID-19 public…

Katheryn Bradley, Michael T. Kitson, Christine Thelen, Priya B. Vivian