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New Hampshire adopts Uniform Securities Act

USA - November 30 2015 On January 1, 2016, a newly-adopted Uniform Securities Act will take effect in New Hampshire. The NH Securities Act is based on the Uniform…

James C. Baker

Amending your bylaws to mitigate the cost of shareholder litigation: fee-shifting and forum selection provisions

USA - July 28 2014 Shareholder litigation is on the rise, increasing the cost of doing business; and companies often face litigation on multiple fronts, further…

Mark B. Rosen

Update: Supreme Court upholds Basic presumption but gives defendants chance for win at class certification

USA - June 24 2014 Earlier this spring, in our post titled, The Supreme Court Ponders the Future of the Basic Presumption in Securities Litigation, we reported on the…

Mark B. Rosen

Update: landmark decision by Delaware's High Court affirms deferential business judgment review for controlling stockholder buyouts

USA - March 27 2014 Last summer, in our post titled Protecting Your Business Judgment: Recent Developments in Delaware Law on M&A Deals Involving Controlling…

Mark B. Rosen

The Supreme Court ponders the future of the basic presumption in securities litigation

USA - March 18 2014 The Supreme Court recently heard oral argument in Halliburton Co. v. Erika P. John Fund, Inc. in advance of what could be the most important decision…

Mark B. Rosen