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When Good Sites Go Bad: The Growing Risk of Website Accessibility Litigation

USA - August 2 2019 For a growing number of companies, websites are not only a valuable asset, but also a potential liability risk. In recent years, the number of…

Melanie A. Conroy, Suzanne W. King, Sarah L. McGarrell

Maine Limits Use of Noncompetes and Prohibits Employer No-Poaching Pacts

USA - July 19 2019 Maine has joined the trend of other New England states, including Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island, in limiting the use of employee…

Beyond Hand Washing: What Employers Should be Doing Now in Response to COVID-19

United Kingdom, USA - March 13 2020 Most of us have never seen anything like this! As we have watched COVID-19 spread, many clients have contacted us asking what they can do now to help…

James R. Erwin, Suzanne W. King

Pregnancy discrimination: must employers provide light duty to pregnant workers?

USA - May 18 2015 The Supreme Court holds that if an employer offers light duty (LD) to some groups of employees, it may have to offer LD to pregnant workers as well…

COVID-19: Maine Overnight Summer Camps - DECD Checklist for Summer 2020 Operations

USA - May 22 2020 Maine overnight summer camps are permitted to open on July 1, as part of Phase II of the State’s reopening schedule. To help camps prepare for that…

Newell A. Augur, Elizabeth M. Frazier, Andrea Cianchette Maker