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Cookies: reminder of the basic rules applicable to e-commerce website owners

France - January 7 2014 Cookies are defined as a "small block of information exchanged between a website server and a user's computer which is connected to the Internet…

Colombe Dougnac

Rappel des principales regles a destination des titulaires de sites de e-commerce

France - December 31 2013 Les cookies sont définis comme un « petit bloc d'informations, échangé entre le serveur d'un site web et l'ordinateur…

Colombe Dougnac

Principal rules governing the right to use a person’s image

France - October 31 2013 Any person has the RIGHT TO OPPOSE to the reproduction and dissemination of his/her own image, as such image is considered as personal data…

Colombe Dougnac

Les principales regles du droit a l'image

France - October 25 2013 Toute personne a le DROIT DE S’OPPOSER à la reproduction et à la diffusion de son image, qui est une donnée à caractère...

Colombe Dougnac

'I ♥’ … monopolizing the heart sign in trademark law

France - December 7 2012 Created by Milton Glaser in 1977 for an advertising campaign launched by the State of New York, the (click here to view sign) sign can now be found…

Colombe Dougnac