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Protecting Against COVID-19 Tort Based Claims

USA - April 23 2020 As the number of cases and deaths due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) rise, so to do the number of lawsuits filed related to the virus…

Kenneth S. Perri, Nicholas M. Varney

COVID-19: Products and General Liability Tort Implications

USA - March 27 2020 The novel coronavirus 2019 disease (“COVID-19”) is rapidly spreading while causing physical as well as economic damage to both individuals and…

Brian J. Mooney, Kenneth S. Perri, Nicholas M. Varney

Connecticut Superior Court Dismisses the First Four Opioid Lawsuits Brought in the State, Reasoning that Social Problems are Poor Candidates for Civil Damages Awards

USA - January 14 2019 In an important decision reaching a positive holding for mass tort defendants, the Connecticut Superior Court just released its opinion dismissing…

Kelcie Reid, Steven J. Zakrzewski

Connecticut Supreme Court Clarifies Standard for Determining Whether a Product Is “Unreasonably Dangerous” in Design Defect Product Liability Claims; Seeks Amicus Briefs in Separate Case on Whether to Abandon This Same Standard

USA - May 12 2016 In an opinion that was officially released on May 3, 2016 in the case of Izzarelli v. R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co., No. SC-19232, 2016 Conn. LEXIS 100…

Cullen W. Guilmartin, Steven J. Zakrzewski

Connecticut rejects asbestos Plaintiff’s effort to assert environmental exposure claim

USA - November 24 2015 A Connecticut state court jury recently returned a defense verdict in case alleging injury from exposure to asbestos that drifted into the air from a…

Glenn B. Coffin, Cullen W. Guilmartin