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The CGL “business risk” exclusions

USA - October 8 2013 I recently came upon an interesting case from the United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit that examined the complex and confusing…

A look at pricing trends in the insurance and reinsurance industries

USA - April 24 2012 Despite the financial and economic turmoil of the last several years – both nationally and globally – the insurance market has remained remarkably stable. 

Japan’s tragedy a reminder to review your business interruption coverage

USA - March 28 2011 The tragic events in Japan serve as a reminder of how fragile our lives and societies are.

The state of the insurance market

USA - December 7 2010 The world is still in a state of financial flux.

Non-standard endorsements can have unexpected consequences

USA - July 30 2010 In 1995, the California Supreme Court held in Montrose Chemical Corp. v. Admiral Ins. Co., 10 Cal. 4th 645 (1995) *(“Montrose II”) that in cases of continuing damage, all liability policies from the time the damage started occurring until the time that the insured’s liability for that damage was determined were potentially implicated.