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Executive Order Intensifies Scrutiny of M&A Transactions Involving Foreign Investment in the U.S.

USA - September 22 2022 On Sept. 15, 2022, President Biden issued Executive Order 14083 directing the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) to consider…

Christine J. Sohar Henter, David M. Spooner, Clinton Yu

関税の未来を形づくる: USITC(米国国際貿易委員会)が通商法301条および通商拡大法232条の経済的影響を調査

USA - June 13 2022 5月初旬、USITCは、通商法301条に基づく中国原産品に対する関税および通商拡大法232条に基づく鉄鋼・アルミニウムに対する関税の経済的影響について調査を行うことを発表した。 議会の指示により、USITCは、これらの関税によ…

David M. Spooner, Clinton Yu

Shaping the Future of Tariffs: USITC Investigating Economic Impact of Section 301 and 232 Actions

USA - June 13 2022 In early May, the U.S. International Trade Commission (USITC) announced its fact-finding investigation into the economic impact of the Section 301…

Luis F. Arandia, Jr., David M. Spooner, Clinton Yu

U.S. Further Escalates Russia-Related Sanctions and Export Controls, Targets Belarus

USA - March 4 2022 In response to the Ukraine invasion, the U.S. significantly expanded sanctions against Russia’s financial services sector, creating risks…

Nicholas A. Galbraith, Luis F. Arandia, Jr., Adetayo Osuntogun

U.S. Escalates Russia-Related Sanctions

Russia, Ukraine, USA - February 23 2022 The U.S. established sanctions on the Donetsk People’s Republic and Luhansk People’s Republic separatist regions of Ukraine that are…

Nicholas A. Galbraith, Luis F. Arandia, Jr.