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Illinois Pay Transparency: Fast-Approaching Deadlines and Enforcement Dates

USA - September 23 2022 In 2021, Illinois announced amendments to its 2003 Equal Pay Act to ensure pay equity among employees and prohibit pay discrimination on the basis of…

Charity Seaborn, Norma W. Zeitler

Los Angeles City, County Minimum Wage Increases Effective July 1

USA - June 30 2022 Starting July 1, employers in jurisdictions of either Los Angeles City or Los Angeles County will need to increase their pay to minimum wage…

Caroline Dickey, John F. Kuenstler, Brandon Miller, Scott J. Witlin

Chicago Employers Face July 1 Deadline to Update Sexual Harassment Policies and Training

USA - June 21 2022 The City of Chicago is requiring all employers to update their sexual harassment policies with required language by July 1, 2022, and to display new…

Christina M. Janice, Christopher Rubey

Viking River Cruises v. Moriana: What It Means For Arbitration in California

USA - June 17 2022 U.S. Supreme Court issues an 8-1 ruling that the Federal Arbitration Act allows employers to enforce arbitration agreements as to…

Brandon Miller, Mark Wallin, Scott J. Witlin

Application Period Begins for Minnesota Frontline Worker Bonus Payment Program

USA - June 10 2022 The Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry has opened up the window for individuals to apply for Frontline Worker Pay benefits. The program is…

Timothy Y. Wong