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Are College Athletes Employees? Courts and the NLRB Weigh In

USA - October 11 2021 A federal judge in Pennsylvania ruled that a group of college athletes plausibly pled they are employees under the Fair Labor Standards Act…

Christopher J. Bayh, Evan Kennedy, Colleen Naumovich, Jordan Oliver

Executive Order Signals Significant Title IX Changes Ahead

USA - March 16 2021 President Biden has ordered a review of all existing Title IX guidance by mid-June 2021 The Executive Order specifically mentions the Trump…

Mark D. Scudder

Indiana Counties Enact and Extend Face Covering Requirements

USA - July 1 2020 On June 29, the St. Joseph County Department of Health issued Public Health Order 2-2020, following up on Public Health Order 1-2020. This local…

Jeanine M. Gozdecki, Teresa A. Maginn, Michael Palmer, Christopher Rubey

Transgender-Inclusive Athletics Policy Violates Title IX

USA - June 12 2020 Policies regarding participation of transgender students in school sports have been found to discriminate based on gender by the Department of…

Mark D. Scudder

New Title IX Regulations Mean Big Changes For All Schools

USA - May 11 2020 The regulations impose new, materially different obligations on institutions for how hearings must be conducted, what procedures must be followed…

Christopher J. Bayh, Taylor L. Hunter, Mark D. Scudder