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Masks Off to the Fully Vaccinated: COVID-19 Safety in the Health Care Workplace

USA - July 1 2021 While a growing number of Americans are fully vaccinated, the U.S. Occupational Safety Hazard Administration (OSHA) has concerns about unvaccinated…

Terese M. Connolly, Charity Seaborn, Peter J. Wozniak

Printer Jam: Employee Sues Over COVID-19 Expenses and Wage Violations

USA - May 28 2021 This week’s spotlight on COVID-19 related workplace litigation involves a persistent trend: a plaintiff bringing a class action alleging that she and…

Iqra Mushtaq, Peter J. Wozniak

California Whistleblower Bartender Crows About COVID and Sues About Pay

USA - May 4 2021 This week’s spotlight among COVID-19 related workplace litigation involves a familiar trend: a plaintiff who collectively alleges she was not…

Terese M. Connolly, Peter J. Wozniak

Illinois Employers Subject to New Restrictions Involving Criminal Convictions, New EEO and Equal Pay Reporting

USA - April 2 2021 Senate Bill 1480 amends the Illinois Human Rights Act, the Illinois Equal Pay Act, and the Illinois Business Corporation Act Illinois…

David B. Ritter, David G. Weldon, Kenneth J. Yerkes, Norma W. Zeitler

PAGA Claimant Alleges Employer Failed to Pay for COVID-19 Time and Expenses

USA - April 1 2021 This week’s spotlight on familiar trends among the COVID-19 related workplace complaints involves a plaintiff who alleges she and her fellow…

Peter J. Wozniak