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Canada Extends Term of Copyright in Works to Life of Author Plus 70 Years

Canada - June 27 2022 On June 23, 2022, after years of consultation and debate, the Parliament of Canada passed legislation to extend the term of copyright protection in…

Casey Chisick, Eric Mayzel

Expansive approach in Silver v Imax to the court's inherent authority saves plaintiffs' claims for secondary market misrepresentation

Canada - September 11 2012 A broad and expansive approach the Court’s inherent jurisdiction to do justice between parties by granting orders nunc pro tunc (or with retroactive effect) formed the basis of Justice van Rensburg’s decision in favour of the plaintiffs in Silver v. Imax to address the expiry of a limitation period to commence an action under Part XXIII.1 of the Ontario Securities Act (the “OSA”) while the motion for leave was under reserve.

The costly consequences of inadequate supervision

Canada - June 7 2011 A recent decision by the Ontario Superior Court of Justice in Straus Estate v. Decaire, 2011 ONSC 1157 (“Straus”) serves to reiterate the importance of ensuring that compliance policies and proper training of sales representatives are practiced at the branch level.

Ellen Bessner

TSX listed company completes private placement investment in the face of shareholder requisition to replace incumbent board of directors

Canada - March 11 2011 On March 6, 2011, the Ontario Superior Court of Justice released a decision dismissing an oppression application brought by Inspiration Mining Corporation against Cassels Brock's client, Ursa Major Minerals Incorporated, in which Inspiration sought to reverse a private placement and/or restrict the voting rights of the private placees.

Robert B. Cohen, Norman F. Findlay, Cathy L.Mercer, Lorne Silver

Common law misrepresentation and class actions: to certify or not certify

Canada - September 24 2010 Conflicting decisions emerging in Ontario case law on the proper role of reliance in the certification of class actions for claims of common law misrepresentation will require resolution by the appellate court.