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Supreme Court lays out clear disclosure obligations for public issuers

Canada - May 27 2011 The Supreme Court has dismissed a shareholders' action in which a public issuer was accused of failing to include details of a conflict of interest in its disclosure.

Peter Henein, Daniel Waldman

Another class action certified against issuer for misrepresentations

Canada - March 21 2011 We recently reported on Public Companies’ Increased Exposure in Secondary Markets, set out in Justice van Rensburg’s decision in Silver v. Imax.

Peter Henein, Daniel Waldman

Alberta’s highest court has ruled that federal securities regulation is unconstitutional

Canada - March 10 2011 The Alberta Court of Appeal has held that the proposed federal Securities Act (the "Act") does not pass constitutional scrutiny.

Robert Kligman, Daniel Waldman

Public companies’ expanded obligations in the secondary market

Canada - February 25 2011 On February 14, 2011, the first decision in respect of secondary market provisions under section 138.3 of the Ontario Securities Act, which permits investors to pursue issuers for damages suffered based on market disclosure, was upheld.

Daniel Waldman

Different approaches to granting leave to securities-holders for bringing actions against issuers

Canada, USA - June 22 2010 Opposite conclusions have been come to in courts in Ontario and the United States on the question of whether a security-holder ought to have standing to sue a reporting issuer.

Peter Henein