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ITC Complainant Throws a Wrinkle in Korean Pharmaceutical’s Bid to Introduce New Botox Product into the U.S.

USA - March 7 2019 On February 28, 2019, United States International Trade Commission (ITC) instituted an investigation into the botulinum toxin (BTX) products of Korean…

Gino Cheng, Steven Grimes

Taiwanese Officials Arrest Six Engineers Over Suspected Theft of Chemical Solutions and Process Flows to Aid Competing Chinese Electronics Manufacturer

Taiwan - January 14 2019 In early January, Taiwanese police officials arrested five former employees and one current employee of BASF Taiwan Ltd., a subsidiary of German…

Gino Cheng, Steven Grimes

Hong Kong More Attractive for Intellectual Property and Commercial Disputes Against Mainland Chinese Parties with New Agreement on Reciprocal Enforcement of Civil Judgments

Hong Kong - February 20 2019 On January 18, 2019, Hong Kong and Mainland China signed a landmark agreement—the Arrangement on the Reciprocal Recognition and Enforcement of…

Gino Cheng, Steven Grimes, Nassim H. Hooshmandnia, Terence Wong

Intellectual Property Concerns Take Center Stage Before the U.S. Senate Judiciary

USA - March 21 2019 On the heels of the U.S. Department of Justice’s pursuit of criminal charges against Mainland Chinese entities for trade secret theft and economic…

Gino Cheng

Federal Circuit gives ITC respondent chance to get its “swag” back, reaching res judicata decision on trademark claim that may be argued to have trade secret implications

USA - June 3 2019 We previously summarized the Manitowoc Cranes LLC v. Sany America Inc. decision by the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Wisconsin…

Gino Cheng, Steven Grimes