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Trial Alert: VLSI Technologies v. Intel — Waco Weather Delays and Robust COVID-19 Protocols

USA - February 12 2021 Jury selection was slated to begin today in the long-anticipated jury trial in the patent matter VLSI Technologies v. Intel in the Western District…

Natalie L. Arbaugh, Rex A. Mann, Michael A. Tomasulo, Kathi Vidal, Danielle Williams

Federal Circuit Stays All Proceedings Pending WDTX Ruling on Motion To Transfer

USA - February 2 2021 The Federal Circuit doubles down on its Apple decision finding that “the district court’s handling of the transfer motion up until this po…

Ahtoosa Amini Dale, Kathi Vidal, Danielle Williams

Federal Circuit Clears VLSI and Intel Trial

USA - January 21 2021 The Federal Circuit denied Intel’s mandamus petition seeking to vacate Judge Albright’s order re-transferring the case fro…

Kathi Vidal, Danielle Williams

Federal Circuit Directs Trial in Austin

USA - December 23 2020 Right on the heels of the In re Apple mandamus decision which we summarized here, the Federal Circuit, again with Chief Judge Prost writing for the…

Kathi Vidal, Danielle Williams

Why a Waco Jury’s $4 Million Award in Personal Injury Case Matters

USA - October 30 2020 Judge Albright presided over a personal injury jury trial this week. This case arose from the tipping-over of a 2,300-pound water tank system which…

Kathi Vidal, Danielle Williams