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Husband Joins Wife in Pleading Guilty to Stealing Trade Secrets from Children’s Hospital

China - January 7 2021 Yu Zhou, a Chinese National, recently admitted to conspiring with his wife to steal cutting-edge research from the Ohio children’s hospital that…

Linda A. Greene, Steven Grimes

First Circuit Decision Underscores the Importance of Meeting the Definition of a Trade Secret as it Relates to Compilations

USA - December 21 2020 The First Circuit recently reemphasized the difficulty that some companies may have in defining a trade secret consisting of compilations of publicly…

Linda A. Greene, Steven Grimes

Ninth Circuit Rules That the Identification of a Trade Secret May Be Developed Through Discovery

USA - November 12 2020 The Ninth Circuit recently reversed a lower court’s grant of summary judgment to a defendant alleged to have misappropriated trade secrets…

Linda A. Greene, Steven Grimes, Corinne Stone Hockman

First Circuit Reverses Trade Secret Misappropriation Verdict Even Though Employee Stole Company Information

USA - August 26 2020 On July 21, 2020, the First Circuit reversed a bench trial verdict for trade secret misappropriation after determining that the business reports at…

Steven Grimes, Tess Erickson Meyer

Chinese National Pleads Guilty to Trade Secret Theft from Ohio Children’s Hospital

China, USA - August 7 2020 Li Chen, a Chinese national and former researcher employed by National Children’s Hospital’s Research Institute in Ohio, pled guilty to conspiring to…

Linda A. Greene, Steven Grimes