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Zoho Case Illustrates Need for Rapid Response to Suspected Trade-Secret Theft

USA - August 12 2020 In 2010, two long-time employees of Zoho, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)-based provider of online business tools, left the company to found…

Steven Grimes

Recently Filed Lawsuit by Trinseo Highlights the Potential for the Rapid Spread of Misappropriated Trade Secrets

USA - December 16 2020 In the “standard” trade secret misappropriation case, Company A’s trade secret is misappropriated by Company B and used internally by Company B alone…

Steven Grimes

Judge Upholds “Willful and Malicious” Trade-Secret Misappropriation Verdict in Produce Preservation Case

USA - December 14 2020 The Delaware District Court Judge that presided over a five-day jury trial between AgroFresh, Inc. (AgroFresh), UPL Ltd. and several of UPL’s…

Steven Grimes

U.S. Justice Department Touts Success, Continued Need for China Initiative on Trade Secrets

China, USA - December 10 2020 In November 2018, former Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that the Justice Department (DOJ) was creating a “China Initiative” (Initiative) to…

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