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The Rising Tide of Antitrust Litigations and Lawsuits Against Apple: App Developers May See a Wave of Changes

USA - September 25 2020 Big Tech is caught in the undertow of a growing number of antitrust battles domestically and abroad. In particular, Apple is getting pressed on its…

Neely B. Agin, Jeffrey J. Amato, Peter Crowther

Power Integrations, Inc. v. Fairchild Semiconductor Intl., Nos. 2015-1329 and 2015-1388 (Fed. Cir. Dec. 12, 2016)

USA - January 3 2017 Induced infringement requires “actual infringement,” and findings of infringement under the doctrine of equivalents may give rise to improper “claim…

Kathleen Barry, David P. Enzminger, Allan Fanucci, Ivan M. Poullaos, Merritt Westcott, Michael Woods

Trial Alert: Countdown to Kick-off - The Case History

USA - September 23 2020 After much anticipation, Judge Alan D Albright, the busiest patent judge in the country, will soon preside over his first patent infringement trial…

Evan D. Lewis, William M. Logan, DaWanna L. McCray, Kathi Vidal, Danielle Williams

Trial Alert: MV3 v. Roku - Opening Statements and Witnesses

USA - October 6 2020 October 5, 2020 finally arrived, and the first day of trial did not disappoint. Day 1’s Order of Play was: Opening statements Plaintiff’s…

William M. Logan, DaWanna L. McCray, Kathi Vidal, Danielle Williams

Trial Alert: VLSI Technologies v. Intel — Waco Weather Delays and Robust COVID-19 Protocols

USA - February 12 2021 Jury selection was slated to begin today in the long-anticipated jury trial in the patent matter VLSI Technologies v. Intel in the Western District…

Natalie L. Arbaugh, Rex A. Mann, Thomas M. Melsheimer, Kathi Vidal, Danielle Williams