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Husband Joins Wife in Pleading Guilty to Stealing Trade Secrets from Children’s Hospital

China - January 7 2021 Yu Zhou, a Chinese National, recently admitted to conspiring with his wife to steal cutting-edge research from the Ohio children’s hospital that…

Steven Grimes, Shannon T. Murphy

Court Battle Between India’s SaaS Industry Leaders Being Fought in California

India, USA - December 22 2020 A District Court in the Northern District of California recently denied defendant’s motion to dismiss a trade secret misappropriation case that was…

Steven Grimes

First Circuit Decision Underscores the Importance of Meeting the Definition of a Trade Secret as it Relates to Compilations

USA - December 21 2020 The First Circuit recently reemphasized the difficulty that some companies may have in defining a trade secret consisting of compilations of publicly…

Steven Grimes, Shannon T. Murphy

Ninth Circuit Rules That the Identification of a Trade Secret May Be Developed Through Discovery

USA - November 12 2020 The Ninth Circuit recently reversed a lower court’s grant of summary judgment to a defendant alleged to have misappropriated trade secrets…

Steven Grimes, Corinne Stone Hockman, Shannon T. Murphy

Chinese National Pleads Guilty to Trade Secret Theft from Ohio Children’s Hospital

China, USA - August 7 2020 Li Chen, a Chinese national and former researcher employed by National Children’s Hospital’s Research Institute in Ohio, pled guilty to conspiring to…

Steven Grimes, Shannon T. Murphy