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Two Scientists in Hot Water for Conspiracy to Steal Trade Secrets from The Water Institute of the Gulf to Benefit Another Research Institution

USA - June 21 2019 A grand jury in the Middle District of Louisiana recently returned an indictment against two scientists for conspiracy to steal trade secrets…

Steven Grimes, Shannon T. Murphy

Solar Company’s Amended Complaint Prompts Court to Dismiss Trade Secrets Claims Against LG Electronics as Untimely

USA - May 22 2019 After finding that a solar technology company’s claim under California’s Unfair Competition Law was preempted by its theft of trade secret claim under…

Shannon T. Murphy

Software Engineer Indicted for Cyber Intrusion and Theft of Trade Secrets

USA - April 22 2019 On April 9, 2019, a federal grand jury indicted Timothy J. Smith of Mobile, Alabama for computer fraud, stealing trade secrets from his former…

Shannon T. Murphy

Jury Convicts Businessman Intercepted at O’Hare of Stealing Trade Secrets for New Job with Chinese Rival

USA - March 6 2019 On February 25, 2019, a federal jury in Chicago convicted a longtime employee of a cast-iron manufacturing firm of stealing trade secrets with plans…

Steven Grimes, Shannon T. Murphy

Former Coca-Cola Scientist Charged Alongside Chinese Co-Conspirator for Conspiring to Steal Trade Secrets Worth More Than $100 Million

USA - February 21 2019 On February 14, 2019, the Department of Justice obtained an indictment against former Coca-Cola scientist Xiaorong You of Lansing, Michigan and Liu…

Steven Grimes, Shannon T. Murphy