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FTC Issues Enforcement Policy Statement On Native Advertising

USA - December 29 2015 Last week, the Federal Trade Commission issued an enforcement policy statement regarding its views on native advertising. The recent proliferation of…

Brian D. Fergemann

Doordash Sued by In-N-Out Burger over Food Delivery App

USA - December 15 2015 The operator of a popular chain of quick service restaurants on the West Coast, In-N-Out Burger, recently sued startup Doordash alleging trademark…

Brian D. Fergemann

Peet’s Coffee & Tea sued over sizes of its French press coffee pots

USA - November 17 2015 Robert Garrett recently filed a false advertising lawsuit against Peet's Coffee & Tea. Peet's offers French press coffee pots for sale in 12-ounce…

Brian D. Fergemann

Artist files complaint against restaurant alleging infringement of a tattoo

USA - November 9 2015 Roger Ladouceur, a tattoo artist, filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Macado's Inc. According to the complaint, Ladouceur is the artist…

Brian D. Fergemann

Department of Justice indicts man over fraudulent trademark watch scam

USA - November 4 2015 Last month a California man was indicted for his role in a mass mailing scam targeted at the holders of U.S. trademarks. Artashes Darbinyan was…

Brian D. Fergemann