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Supreme Court Holds that Arbitrator Must Decide Arbitrability if the Contract So Provides

USA - January 8 2019 This morning, the Supreme Court issued another in a long string of decisions underscoring its willingness to honor the choice by contracting parties…

Geoffrey P. Eaton, Patrick Bannon, Matthew R. Carter, Linda T. Coberly, Steffen N. Johnson, Andrew C. Nichols

Supreme Court Takes Sides on the Two-Sided Market

USA - June 26 2018 In a 5-4 decision, the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday upheld contracts between American Express and merchants that prohibit merchants from “steering”…

Geoffrey P. Eaton, Matthew R. Carter, Linda T. Coberly, Eva W. Cole, Christine A. Edwards, David Greenspan, Paul R. Griffin, James F. Herbison, Johanna Rae Hudgens, Steffen N. Johnson, Jeffrey L. Kessler, Andrew C. Nichols, Robert B. Pringle, John J. Rosenthal

Supreme Court Holds Acquisition of Cell-Site Location Information Requires Warrant

USA - June 22 2018 On Friday, a narrow majority of the Supreme Court held that the Government’s acquisition of historical cell-site location information (“CSLI”) from a…

Matthew R. Carter, Linda T. Coberly, Peter Crowther, Sheryl A. Falk, Steffen N. Johnson

Supreme Court Rules States May Require Some Out-of-State Businesses to Collect Sales Tax

USA - June 21 2018 In a case of major importance to both online and brick-and-mortar retailers, the Supreme Court has overruled the half-century-old “physical presence…

Charles J. Moll, Geoffrey P. Eaton, Matthew R. Carter, Linda T. Coberly, Steffen N. Johnson

New Jersey’s Sports Betting Gamble Pays Off

USA - May 15 2018 On Monday, the Supreme Court issued a long-awaited opinion in Murphy v. NCAA, No. 16-476, striking down the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection…

Geoffrey P. Eaton, Linda T. Coberly, David G. Feher, Steffen N. Johnson, Jeffrey L. Kessler