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The “Do’s And Don’ts” of Drafting Arbitration Clauses When Doing Business with Chinese Parties

China - June 7 2017 When non-Chinese parties conduct business in China, or with a Chinese party, several factors must be considered when crafting an arbitration clause to…

Nassim H. Hooshmandnia, Ricardo E. Ugarte

Recent Foreign-Dispute Related Arbitration Development in China

China - May 20 2016 Under the People’s Republic of China’s (PRC or China) Interpretation on Several Issues Concerning the Law on the Application of Laws to…

Jasamine Yung

Enforcement of Convention Awards in Hong Kong

Hong Kong - March 23 2016 The Arbitration Ordinance (Cap. 609) (AO) recognizes and provides that final and binding arbitral awards made outside of Hong Kong may be enforced in…

Jasamine Yung

Understanding the implications of “no consent” letters issued by the JFIU in Hong Kong

Hong Kong - December 7 2015 "No consent" letters issued by regulators in Hong Kong create concerns and risks for banks in this jurisdiction. A recent Hong Kong High Court…

Simone Hsu

Update on anti­money laundering laws in Hong Kong

Hong Kong - May 8 2015 In recent years, banks, multinationals and professional firms have faced increased pressure from regulators in Hong Kong to clamp down on money…

Kelvin Li