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Closing Aviation Finance Transactions During Social Isolation

United Kingdom - May 1 2020 The ongoing global COVID-19 crisis has given rise to an unprecedented change in working habits, with offices closed across jurisdictions and many…

Mark Moody

Force Majeure in Aviation Contracts

USA - April 9 2020 A common query in light of the COVID-19 pandemic is whether or not the circumstances may constitute a force majeure event for the purposes of…

Ben Bruton, Daniel R. Meagher, Mark Moody

Is the MAC clause now showing its pearly whites?

USA - April 9 2020 Outside of an insolvency, when would an airline actually be in a position where it ceases to carry out all or a substantial part of its business…

Daniel R. Meagher, Mark Moody

Airline Insolvencies

USA - April 9 2020 As the impact of COVID-19 is felt across the globe, many Airlines have grounded their fleet, ceased operating flights, and are potentially in breach…

Daniel R. Meagher, Mark Moody

Financial Institutions - Regulatory Response and Considerations Related to the COVID-19 Pandemic

USA - April 7 2020 On March 13, 2020, President Trump declared a National Emergency in response to Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). Starting the week prior and…

Christine A. Edwards, Dainia J. Jabaji, Julius L. Loeser, Joseph H. Nesler, Cari N. Stinebower