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Executive Summary - 23 November 2015

Singapore - November 24 2015 The 2nd plaintiff incorporated the 1st plaintiff company, which bought and sold electrical equipment, whilst in partnership with the 2nd defendant....

Lam Chung Nian

The new Human Biomedical Research Act: compliance and potential risks

Singapore - September 4 2015 On 18 August 2015, Parliament passed the Human Biomedical Research Act (“HBRA”). Whilst the HBRA has not yet come into effect, it provides a…

Lam Chung Nian

Executive summary - 13 July 2015

Singapore - July 13 2015 The Copyright (Amendment) Act 2014 (“CAA”) was passed by Parliament on 8 July 2014 and amendments to fight online piracy came into effect on 10…

Lam Chung Nian

Executive summary - 23 April 2015

Singapore - April 24 2015 The provisions of the Copyright (Amendment) Act 2014 dealing with facilitation of access to copyrighted works for persons with reading disabilities…

Lam Chung Nian

Executive Summary - January 28, 2014

European Union, Singapore, United Kingdom - January 28 2015 The Goods and Services Tax (Amendment) Act (“GST Amendment Act”) was passed by Parliament on 8 October 2014 and took effect…

Lam Chung Nian