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IFLR1000 distinguishes CMS Rui Pena & Arnaut

Portugal - July 7 2020 The 30th edition also distinguishes Francisco Xavier de Almeida (Banking and Capital Markets: Debt, Capital Markets: Equity, M&A) and António Payan…

Margarida Vila Franca, António Payan Martins

Share capital increase by conversion of shareholder loans

Portugal - August 1 2017 On July 1st it was enacted Decree Law no. 79/2017 of 30 June, which, within the Capitalising Program (Programa Capitalizar), has created a simplified…

João Caldeira, Margarida Vila Franca, Pedro Fernandes Nunes

CMS Guide to the Battle of the Forms - Portugal

Portugal - July 6 2016 As there is no specific provision, general rules regarding Ts&Cs, foreseen in Decree-law no. 446/85 of October 25th, shall apply. This entails the…

The Portuguese Supreme Court of Justice Decides on the Civil Liability of the Intermediary when Trading Commercial Paper with Non-Qualified Investors

Portugal - May 24 2016 In the aftermath of the financial crisis of 2008 onwards, there has been some case-law on the role of financial intermediaries in their relationship…

Pedro Fernandes Nunes

Portugal: Decree-Law number 20/2016 of 20 April - Amendment to the Credit Institutions and Financial Companies’ Legal Framework

Portugal - May 18 2016 Decree-Law No. 20/2016, published in the Portuguese Official Journal on 20 April 2016 ("Decree-Law 20/2016") has amended the Credit Institutions and…

Catarina Arriaga Sampaio