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Never fear, a post-Brexit competition law checklist is here

European Union, United Kingdom - December 30 2020 On 1 January 2021, the United Kingdom completes the process of separating from the European Union. However, the split between the UK and EU regimes…

Floris ten Have, Christof Swaak

Gatecrashing gatekeepers? The EU’s digital reform is out

European Union - December 16 2020 Christmas is a time for contemplation, and the proposals of the long-awaited Digital Markets Act and Digital Services Act may give gatekeepers and…

Please share - ACM conditionally clears shared mobility platform merger

European Union, Netherlands - June 4 2020 There may soon be a new competition tool available to tackle structural competition concerns in dynamic tech and platform markets. Until then…

Bernhard Hofer

EU Court of Justice: Suppliers of luxury goods may prohibit their authorised distributors from selling on third party internet platforms

European Union - December 6 2017 Today the ECJ rendered its much anticipated judgment in a dispute between a supplier of luxury cosmetics (Coty) and one of its authorised resellers…

Floris ten Have, Christof Swaak

European Commission opens three investigations in the e-commerce sector

European Union - March 1 2017 On 2 February 2017, the European Commission published a press release announcing that it had launched three separate investigations in the e-commerce…

Delphine Gillet, Floris ten Have, Christof Swaak, Florine Verhaegen, Hendrik Viaene, Peter Wytinck