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The European Climate Law explained

European Union - October 12 2021 Co-legislators on the European Climate Law reached a provisional agreement on April 21, 2021. This Climate Law is one of the key elements of the…

Kirsten Eeckhout, Valérie van 't Lam

Environmental and financial worlds meet in the “E” of ESG

USA - October 12 2021 Developments in the environmental and financial worlds may appear to be at first sight completely separate from each other. In this blog post, we…

Lisanne Baks, Suzanne Kröner-Rosmalen, Valérie van 't Lam, Marjolein Ligthart

Circular economy and current and future Dutch administrative law

Netherlands - February 10 2022 On Wednesday 19 January, a webinar took place concerning current affairs in the circular economy and administrative law. The webinar was held by the…

Valérie van 't Lam, Bram Schmidt

FAQ: information requests from regulators (update June 2022)

Netherlands - June 9 2022 In December 2021, the Coalition Agreement ‘Looking out for each other, looking forward to the future’ was published, showing that the Rutte IV…

Francisca Ribeiro Bártolo, Dominique Diesfeldt, Valérie van 't Lam

Ratification of European Climate Law and unveiling of the ‘Fit for 55’ climate package

European Union - October 12 2021 In our recent blog we informed you about the European Climate Law, which will lay down in law the goal of a climate-neutral Europe by 2050. Included…

Kirsten Eeckhout, Valérie van 't Lam