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2022: the big reveal of 2021’s competition law promises

Netherlands - January 11 2022 2021 was riddled with sneak previews of a “review of competition policy tools with unprecedented scope and ambition”. These sneak previews, alongside…

Google Shopping: self-preferencing is a form of abuse of dominance

European Union - December 2 2021 On 10 November 2021, the General Court (GC) almost entirely dismissed Google’s action against the European Commission’s Google Shopping decision…

Tjitske Kuiper

Back to the future - Commission publishes roadmap for green and digital challenges

European Union - December 2 2021 The Commission’s Communication “A competition policy fit for new challenges” (link) (the “Communication”) identifies key areas in which competition…

Bernhard Hofer

Gun jumping: beware, the Commission will take action

European Union - December 2 2021 The Commission has imposed interim measures on Illumina and GRAIL. These measures include the obligation to run GRAIL by independent management. By…

Florentine Snoeker

Horizontal cooperation: from the dark side to the light?

European Union, Netherlands - August 9 2021 Recent enforcement action shows that companies involved in data sharing and data pooling or sustainability cooperation need to tread carefully…