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Embedding privacy is not an empty word

European Union - April 29 2016 One of the obligations imposed on personal data processing entities by the general data protection regulation (“GDPR”) is to implement appropriate…

Judica Krikke, Gérald Origer, Nicolas Roland

Skype Luxembourg condemned in Belgium for refusing to set up wiretap

Belgium - February 24 2017 In a judgment of 27 October 2016, the Correctional Court of Mechelen condemned Skype Communications SARL, a Luxembourg-based entity, for refusing to…

Court of Appeal of Antwerp finds that the Pirate Bay website must be blocked

Belgium - November 22 2011 On 3 October 2011, the Court of Appeal of Antwerp issued a judgment in cease-anddesist proceedings between a non-profit association established by Belgian video manufacturers, the Belgian Anti-Piracy Federation (“BAF”), and the internet service providers Telenet and Belgacom.

Serge Gijrath

Reform of the Belgian patent box regime

Belgium, OECD - May 7 2016 Reform of the Belgian patent box regime: new innovation box in the pipeline. The Belgian government has recently introduced in Parliament a draft…

Xavier Gillot, Giovanni Smet, Simone Vandewynckel, Ignace Vernimme

GDPR: Cross-border transfers - don’t be on the wrong track!

European Union, USA - July 1 2016 The virtual world has no borders, and we often do not realize the massive data flows generated within companies operating across the globe. In…

Carol Evrard, Judica Krikke, Gérald Origer, Nicolas Roland