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ECJ provides clarification on jurisdictional issues relating to infringements of personality rights on the Internet

European Union, Germany - October 26 2012 On 22 October 2011, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) issued a judgment in which it clarifies which courts have jurisdiction in case of an infringement of personality rights on the Internet.

GDPR: Working with health data can cause a headache

European Union - May 2 2016 By adopting the new data protection regulation on 14 April 2016, the European institutions have decided to set up a new legal framework to enhance…

Judica Krikke, Gérald Origer, Nicolas Roland

Article 29 Working Party publishes opinion on purpose limitation principle

European Union - April 24 2013 On April 2, 2013, the Article 29 Working Party ("WP29")1 published an opinion that clarifies further the purpose limitation principle contained in…

Working Party 29 guidance on cookie consent

European Union - October 14 2013 Today the Article 29 Working Party ("WP29") published a working document on how consent for cookies may be obtained. The WP29's opinions and…

Friederike van der Jagt, Mirella Daurer, Judica Krikke, Johanne Mersch, Gérald Origer

ECJ finds that the functionalities of a computer program and the programming language are not copyright-protected

European Union - October 26 2012 On 2 May 2012, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) found that neither the functionality of a computer program, nor the programming language and the format of data files used in a computer program in order to exploit certain of its functions, constitute a form of expression in the meaning of Article 1.2 of EU Directive 91/250 of 14 May 1991.