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Liability of e-commerce websites in India

India - May 21 2020 The advent of e-commerce platforms has Significantly transformed the Indian business And retail sector by focusing on consumers’ Need for convenience…

Aprajita Nigam, Manisha Singh

Overlap Between Trade Mark And Design Rights: Indian Perspective

India - April 13 2020 The overlap between trade mark and design rights has been debated, discussed, and re-discussed fora long time with a variety of different opinions…

Aprajita Nigam

Dabur India Ltd. v. Emami Ltd.: Right of commercial speech wins over generic disparagement

India - October 15 2019 The fundamental law of comparative advertising is that while a person may exaggerate the claims relating to his own goods, such exaggeration must not…

Suzuki recognized as a well-known trademark in India.

India - August 20 2019 In 1982, the Indian automobile market welcomed Suzuki Motor (hereinafter also referred to as the "Plaintiff"), a Japanese automobile company which…