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Jurisdiction over “TATA coin” finally invoked

India - January 18 2023 The jurisprudence on the aspect of jurisdiction has been evolving in recent years. Where the activities complained of relate to IP violations on the…

Manisha Singh

Protection of IP dwindles at the border

India - January 27 2022 The essential question of jurisdiction is often difficult, especially in disputes involving the internet activities of a foreign resident. It formed…

Manisha Singh

BMW Curbs Threat Of Trademark Dilution From Rickshaws

India - July 2 2020 In cases of dilution of well-known trademarks, the question of deceptive similarity or element of deception may not be a necessary consideration…

Manisha Singh

Opportunity given to seek Invalidity of registration in Infringement Suit

India - May 28 2020 In trademark infringement suits, the plaintiff is often faced with the challenge to overturn the Defence of an existing registration in the…

Manisha Singh

Trends and Developments Concerning Liability of Intermediaries in India

India - March 4 2020 India has been witnessing a boom in e-commerce over the past few years and it has become India’s fastest growing and most trending medium for…

Manisha Singh