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When Can a Trademark Owner Take Action for Unauthorized Use of its Trademark Online?

Global, USA - January 4 2022 Unauthorized use of a trademark on the Internet occurs often and in many forms, usually involving the profiting, whether intentionally or…

Allen Loayza

U.S. Trademark Office Issues Guide on How It Will Apply the Supreme Court’s Decision to Examination of Relevant Applications

USA - October 29 2020 As we reported in our July 7, 2020 blog post on the USPTO v. B.V decision, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that a proposed mark consisting of…

SCOTUS Rules “” Marks Are Eligible For Federal Trademark Protection

USA - July 7 2020 In a landmark decision, United States Patent and Trademark Office v. B.V., the Supreme Court of the United States, by an 8-1 vote…

Second Circuit Declines to Decide if Human Skin Can Be a Tangible Medium of Expression under Copyright Law and Affirms Dismissal of Makeup Artist’s Lawsuit

USA - June 22 2020 In a recent decision from the Second Circuit, Judges Parker, Chin, and Carney side-stepped a novel question: whether human skin can be the kind of…

Paul Brockland

First Amendment May Protect Use of Trademarks As Artistic Expression

USA - May 27 2020 In a recent decision from the Southern District of New York, Judge George B. Daniels held that the strong First Amendment interests in protecting free…

Harold S. Laidlaw