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Court Holds Crime Policy Covers Business Compromise Email Loss

USA - July 24 2017 The “business compromise email” is what the FBI calls the “$5 billion scam,” but apparently an insurance company did not agree with an insured company…

Cynthia Larose

Checked your insurance policies lately?

USA - August 27 2012 In a ruling that might provide a new path to data breach insurance coverage, DSW Shoe Warehouse, Inc. has prevailed in its attempt to obtain insurance coverage for losses associated with a data breach under a commercial crime policy.

On the eleventh day of privacy, the drones brought to me…..

USA - December 23 2014 A few days ago, media outlets released a video of a kangaroo knocking a drone out of the sky. Apparently, this “privacy loving” kangaroo was less…

On the 12th day of privacy, ISO gave to me….

USA - December 24 2013 The question is not whether a company will be the target of a data breach, but when. Verizon’s most recent Data Breach Investigation Report states…

Federal court dismisses (without prejudice) CNA’s cyber insurance lawsuit

USA - July 21 2015 We previously reported here that CNA filed a lawsuit against its insured Cottage Health System seeking reimbursement of amounts that it previously…

Cynthia Larose