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Webinar Recording: Telehealth Risk Management

USA - April 6 2022 State and federal regulations touch almost every aspect of the operations of a telehealth company. From navigating complex health care regulations, to…

Lara D. Compton, Todd Rosenbaum, Jennifer B. Rubin

Webinar Recording: When the Dust Settles: A Closer Look at the SPAC Boom and Potential Litigation to Follow

USA - June 7 2021 As special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) IPOs and mergers continue to exceed market expectations, investors, executives, and financial…

Adam L. Sisitsky, John F. Sylvia

Court Holds Crime Policy Covers Business Compromise Email Loss

USA - July 24 2017 The “business compromise email” is what the FBI calls the “$5 billion scam,” but apparently an insurance company did not agree with an insured company…

Cynthia Larose

Federal court dismisses (without prejudice) CNA’s cyber insurance lawsuit

USA - July 21 2015 We previously reported here that CNA filed a lawsuit against its insured Cottage Health System seeking reimbursement of amounts that it previously…

Cynthia Larose

On the eleventh day of privacy, the drones brought to me…..

USA - December 23 2014 A few days ago, media outlets released a video of a kangaroo knocking a drone out of the sky. Apparently, this “privacy loving” kangaroo was less…