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When It Isn’t Better Late Than Never: ALJ Reins in on Redesigns First Disclosed in the Last Week of Fact Discovery

USA - September 21 2021 In a recent IAM article, Levelling the playing field in ITC patent cases by identifying redesigns to a set deadline, we commented on best practices…

Michael T. Renaud, Adam S. Rizk, Tianyi Tan

ITC rejects minimum threshold requirement for domestic industry economic prong and emphasizes the importance of contextual evidence and case-by-case analyses

USA - November 4 2019 In a recent decision clarifying the legal standards of the International Trade Commission’s domestic industry requirement, the Commission has upheld…

Andrew H. DeVoogd, Nana Liu, Michael T. Renaud, Aarti Shah

ITC suggests 5% Threshold for Domestic Industry Assessment; order may impact tech companies

USA - September 23 2019 Recently, Chief Administrative Law Judge ("CALJ") Bullock of the U.S. International Trade Commission ("ITC"), in Certain Carburetors and Products…

Andrew H. DeVoogd, Nana Liu, Michael T. Renaud, Aarti Shah

In a Reversal, Federal Circuit Finds Data Processing Claims Patent-Eligible under Section 101 in Visual Memory v. NVIDIA

USA - August 23 2017 Last week, the Federal Circuit held computer memory system patent claims not abstract and thus patent-eligible under Section 101, reversing a lower…

Michael T. Renaud, Brad M. Scheller

Supreme Court Rules Against Apple in Design Patent Case with Samsung, Remands to Federal Circuit to Formulate Test for Identifying Relevant “Article of Manufacture”

USA - December 7 2016 Yesterday, the Supreme Court held that the relevant “article of manufacture” for arriving at a damages award for design patent infringement need not…

James Wodarski