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How to Find and Use Advisors for Your Startup

USA - February 10 2021 Ryan is a fantastic VC and puts out really helpful advice for startups. In his post, he explains why startups should utilize advisors and how to know…

VC Funds Returns Surpass S&P 500 Returns

USA - May 10 2021 It has been general knowledge that you want to invest in the top quartile of VC funds in order to get market beating results. A working paper…

Using finders to assist in financings can impose significant risks on your company

USA - April 29 2011 You have a great new idea and you need capital in order to build your new company.

Steve Ganis

What You Need to Know Before Considering Selling Your Craft Brewery to a Macrobrewer or a Private Equity Firm

USA - December 7 2016 Recently, there have been a number of sales of well-known and well-respected craft breweries to the major beer producers. In addition, there have…

Fallen Angel Reverse Merger or SPAC Merger: How do you decide?

USA - November 9 2020 I have helped clients successfully achieve reverse mergers with fallen angel publicly-traded operating companies and with Special Purpose Acquisition…